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June 2013 - NEW 

Here we grow again!  2013 has been a year of incredible growth at Car-San Manufacturing Limited.  We are relocating our office staff to Unit #3 at 162 McIntyre Drive in order to maximize space in our production area.  We have added an EKRA automatic solder paste stencil printer as well as an AOI Systems Automated Inspection Machine and 2 more Contact 3S SMT pick and place machines to our existing SMT lines.  Our thanks goes to Ernesto, Graham and Christine from COMTREE Inc. and to Irv White from ASYS and Vinny Carrigan from AOI Systems for getting us ready to better serve our current and future clientele. 

May 2012  

Car-San Manufacturing Limited has a new addition to its SMT line - a My9 SMT placement machine from MYDATA Automation. The My9 joins our Siemens SiPlace80 and Contact 3S for maximum flexibility of set ups and ability to place a diverse range of SMT parts.  Thanks to Liz Morill of MYDATA and Richard Fournier of OEM Partners for their assistance in setting us up with our new equipment!  



May 2011 


Car-San Manufacturing Limited is proud to announce the arrival of our APS Novastar Selective Soldering Machine for high precision, high reliability soldering requirements - the first of its kind in Canada.  In keeping with our mission statement to provide Quality Electronic Manufacturing Services, we are pleased to provide this new service to our current and potential customers.



September 2009


We're still here! Although the recession has been very hard on local industry, we at Car-San Manufacturing Limited would like to remind our current clientele and any potential customers that we are, in fact, still in business!  In fact, we have relocated again to another larger facility just a few doors down from where we were, to 162 McIntyre Drive.
Give us a call at (519) 885-0403 (our phone and fax numbers are still the same) to check out our new plant and see how we can continue to provide all your Quality EMS requirements!  



October 2007


Car-San Manufacturing Limited announces the launch of their new and greatly improved web site.  In order to better service our current customer base as well as to reach out to new customers, we needed a more polished web presence to appeal to our high-tech savvy clientele.  Our thanks goes out to Gary and Sheila at Pixweaver Web Design for giving us the professional appearance we were hoping for.



April 2007


Car-San Manufacturing Limited, completed the registration process with TUV Canada Inc. by meeting all the criteria for the ISO9001:2000 standard.  Thanks to the invaluable assistance of Carolyn and Patrick from CMAC Training & Consulting Services Inc. we achieved our registration relatively painlessly and look forward to working with them in future in assisting us with our semi-annual audits to ensure our system continues to run smoothly.



September 2006

Car-San Manufacturing Limited relocated to a new facility at 222 McIntyre Drive in Kitchener, ON Canada.  Our newer, larger premises includes an SMT line with a Siemens SiPlace80, capable of placing high mix, high volume SMT parts from BGA's down to 0402's.  As well, we have installed ESD epoxy flooring throughout and have incorporated a paperless assembly documentation system.