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PWB Testing and Inspection

New Car-San customers, accustomed to over-ordering to compensate for defective boards shipped by other manufacturers, often ask us, "What percentage of Car-San board shipments can we expect to be flawed?".

Our answer is simple... "Zero percent, of course."

Car-San PWB (Printed Wiring Board) assembly testing specialists are trained to provide the highest quality tested circuit board assemblies available. Our testing process is designed to ensure that the circuit-by-circuit operational test of the assembly is correct. Car-San PWB functional test services are designed to ensure that each and every board functions flawlessly based on your specifications. Boards can be tested through their final production programs to ensure correct operation in the finished product.

Car-San uses an automated optical inspection (AOI) system to eliminate the subjectivity and variability occasionally associated with manual visual inspection. AOI is integrated into the automatic PWB assembly process to provide either an AQL or 100% SMT component placement, polarity orientation and solder-joint inspection.  In addition to AOI, our inspection technicians are highly trained in detecting even the slightest imperfections.